2013 Archived Events

Are Markets Moral? In a Free Enterprise System, Do Justice and Virtue Win or Lose?

The LeFrak Forum and Symposium on Science, Reason, & Modern Democracy in association with the Centre for Civil Society in New Delhi, India

The Problem of Prudence and the Meaning of Moral Virtue in Aristotle's Ethics

Erik Dempsey, Lecturer and Assistant Director of the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Study of Core Texts and Ideas, University of Texas

Adam Smith, Human Nature, and the Prospects for Global Capitalism

Peter McNamara, Professor, Utah State University

Turning the Clock Back? What Did the Framers of the Fourteenth Amendment Think About School Segregation?

Michael McConnell, Director, Stanford Constitutional Law Center

Spirituality and Social Justice in Black Music: The Case of John Coltrane

Dr. Emmett Price, Northeastern University

Pursuing the Dreams of Brown and the Civil Rights Act: A Living History of the Fight for Educational Equality

Law Review Symposium, MSU College of Law

Freedom Now' and 'Black Power:' Their Ideological Manifestations in Soul and Funk Music

Portia Maultsby, Professor, Indiana University

What is Medieval Political Philosophy: The Case of Maimonides

Benjamin Lorch, Visiting Assistant Professor and Jack Miller - Veritas Fund Post-Doctoral Fellow, Michigan State University

Philosophy and Secrecy: The Forgotten Practice of Esoteric Writing

Arthur Melzer, Professor, Michigan State University