Werner Dannhauser, teacher and scholar, has died

April 26, 2014

Werner Dannhauser, who taught political philosophy with great distinction as an adjunct in our department for a number of years, died on April 26 in Frederick, PA.

He was 85. Born in Buchau, Germany on May 1, 1929, he came to America as a refugee from Nazi Germany at the age of 9.  Educated at the New School for Social Research and the University of Chicago, he worked as a social worker, a truck dispatcher, a researcher for the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union, and an editor at Commentary, before joining the Government Department at Cornell University, from which he eventually retired, when he came to MSU.  He was the author of  Nietzsche’s View of Socrates. He is survived by his two daughters, Fanya Thomson of CA and Anna Marks of PA and four grandchildren.