Liberty, Justice, and Constitutionalism

Peter Boettke and John Tomasi

On Monday, September 22, 1-4 pm, Club Spartan, Case Hall, 3rd Floor, James Madison College will sponsor a Constitution Day Event titled Liberty, Justice, and Constitutionalism.  Presenting for this event will be Peter Boettke and John Tomasi.

Peter Boettke is University Professor Economics and Philosophy, George Mason University; Director of the F.A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Mercatus Center, George Mason University.

John Tomasi is Professor of Political Science and Philosophy, Brown University; Director of the Political Theory Project, Brown University; and author of Free Market Fairness

This event is co-sponsored by the LeFrak Forum and Symposium on Science, Reason & Modern Democracy in the Department of Political Science, with the support of the Jack Miller Center for Teaching America's Founding Principles and History.

For more information, contact Professor Ross B. Emmett,